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what's available electronically at Illinois, where it is, and how to access it

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Below are some of the best electronic sites on campus for retrieving data about UIUC.

General Sites

Type of Data System Level of detail Years (+=growing) How to access Notes/
Authorization required*
Budgets Budget Development. Fund, Organization, & Program code 1 Budget development/budget query system
Log into Web for Employees, choose Finance tab, then Budget Development or Queries
Campus Profile State budget by department and program code 10 web  
Operating & Capital Budgets Annual budget by campus approved by BOT1 web 
Budget Office Web Site Calculation of tuition & GRF revenues and overhead costs by college 5+ web  
DMI Budget Calculations Basis for tuition income, faculty part of GRF, administrative overhead costs by college 5+ web  
Expenditures Campus Profile Department & and ledger, drilldown to fund & and major acct 10 web  
Annual University Financial Report University-wide, assets, liabilities, cashflows, also Foundation from FY2000 web  

Type of Data System Level of detail Years (+=growing) How to access Notes/
Authorization required*
Faculty & Staff appts
Budget Create Budgeted appointment lines for each on-going employee. 1 Salary Planner
Log in to Web for Employees, select Employee tab, then Salary Planner.
Activity Reporting System (ARS) Payments made YTD & obligated by employee and account from 1998, with appts back to 1988 web Bluestem login and authorization needed
Faculty & Staff counts Campus Profile FTE and headcount by department and by employee category, drilldown to names and appt info 10 web  
Planning & Budgeting Staffing trends FTE and headcount by department and by employee category, state funds and all funds 10 web  
Planning & Budgeting IPEDS data Staff counts by salary range and EEO classification (1997). Faculty salaries, benefits, and counts by campus and rank (1998) from 1997 to 2003 web P&B is no longer publishing IPEDS reports, contact them for data
Faculty & Staff other Faculty Salary EquityRegression analyses from 1999 web  
DemographicsEqual Opportunity & Access
Faculty,academic professionals by race/gender
from 2001 web  
Affirmative Action TargetsEqual Opportunity & Access
Hiring by dept,race,gender
3 web  
Departments and Executive Officers By dept code, all dept exec officers, address, phone, netid. current web  
Staff Directory Listing by department of academic and staff employees, with phone, address, and titles. current web  
PH: University Phonebook Search for a person current web  
Faculty Teaching History For all instructors, shows all sections taught, enrollments, and IUs. from 1987 web Bluestem login
Teaching excellence Measurement & Evaluation's
List of teachers ranked as excellent
from 1994 web  
Faculty degrees DMI Faculty Stats from 2001 web  

Type of Data System Level of detail Years (+=growing) How to access Notes/
Authorization required*
Students Banner Individual student records all students enrolled since '82 See your unit security contact yes
Tuition, Waiver, and Appointments System Tuition assessed, waivers granted, and qualifying appointments for all students by student and program. gr & prf from 1997, ugrad from 2003 web Bluestem login for summary, authorization needed for individual data
Campus Profile Student counts and degrees granted by department and student level. Drilldown to demographics by program. 10 web  
Student Enrollment Reports Student counts by curriculum & student level.
Also demographics: race/ethnic, sex, residency
from 1870 web  
P&B Student Databooks Student demographics, graduation & retention rates by college & campus 10 web slow to publish, call for more recent data
Planning & Budgeting IPEDS data Degrees granted by CIP code (roughly equal to curriculum), enrollments by sex, race and student level. from 1997 Data is no longer available on the web. Contact Planning & Budgeting.  
Alumni Planning & Budgeting Survey of Graduates Survey results by department and degree level from 1995 web  
Courses Course Catalog Individual Course descriptions current web no
Online Timetable Individual Course listings 2+ web no
DMI Course Information System Student counts and IUs by instructor and section from 1987 web UIUC net id required
Campus Profile Sections offered, average section size, IUs by course level and instructor type. Drilldown to section and instructor information 10 web  
Grants & Contracts DMI Proposal Web Site Individual G&C proposals, summaries by agency, department, and individual PI 1996-2004 web Newer data not available
Financial Aid IPEDS Financial Aid Report Campus totals from 1997 web P&B is no longer publishing IPEDS reports, contact them for data
Tuition, Waiver, Appts Campus, coll, dept, student totals of waivers from 1997 web UI Bluestem login to see summary data, authorization for individual data
Department codes

Curriculum codes

Degree names

Codebook Web reports Department codes & names,curriculum codes, CIP codes, degree names 99 years, some of early data is sketchy web Enterprise ID and password


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