The professional staff at DMI can extract and summarize data upon request from many campus-wide computerized databases, including
  • Payroll/Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Activity Reporting System
  • Student records
  • Admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • Degrees
  • Course and Instructor information
  • Schedule of classes

Reports, graphs, or downloads from both current and historical information can be prepared to the user's specification. In addition to data retrieval, other services available include statistical analysis and building web systems to solve administrative information needs. In general, campus units are not charged for these services.


The Division of Management Information is responsible for preparing the information used in the annual IBHE Cost Study, for Federal A-21 reporting, and for accreditation reviews. We also provide data for annual surveys by Money Magazine, US News & World Report, Barron's College Guides, and many other specialized surveys.

Campus administrators and faculty who receive external requests for campus-wide information are encouraged to contact DMI staff for assistance in obtaining "official" statistics.


We can create targeted mailing lists of employees or students, selecting based on criteria specified by our clients for one-time use to be sent by Mailing Center for paper mailings (US or Campus) or delivered using the Email+ utility from Web Services.


Permission must be obtained from the Interim Director of Assessment & Planning for Student Affairs (Dr. Beth Hoag) for mass emails to students and the Senior Associate Chancellor for Human Resources (Elyne Cole) for mass emails to employees.


We rarely provide these lists to requestors; the lists will be sent to the Mailing Center for paper mailings (US or campus) and to Webtools Email facility (for emails). Campus Mail will require payment for their services, and Management Information will charge to distribute your email for you. Not having access to the original list of invitees may affect the survey procedures, so you are strongly encouranged to contact the Assistant Provost for Management Information before submitting your request for approvals.


When you have all of your approvals, please send your approval documents and a request for your targeted mailing list to

We cannot provide an exact count for printing purposes until we run the job. If you need an estimate earlier, we will run the job earlier. You may incur a rush fee if we have less than two weeks notice. Willingness to pay the rush fee does not guarantee expedited processing.


Staff members make every effort to ensure the resulting lists are accurate, but occasionally errors are made. Clients are urged to look at any counts and reports produced describing the targeted list and bring any unexpected results to our attention immediately. Our liability for programming errors extends only to immediate replacement of any incorrect file, we do not assume any financial responsibility for additional client costs due to errors made in our list production.


Our staff can build random samples for survey research projects using complex criteria for Urbana Campus faculty or students. We can provide statistics on population and selected sample, and can consult with researchers on the management of the survey.

The following conditions must be met by the project:


Actual charges are based on the complexity of the request and university resources required to produce it.

Minimum Charges (as of 06/01/2020):
  • - Paper mailing list: $16 per hour
  • - Electronic mailing list: $16 per hour
  •     (includes one initial email and one followup email)
  • - Two associated/followup emails: $8 each
  • - Email+ Web Services Delivery: $16 per hour

  • Rush Fee may be incurred if less than 2 weeks turnaround is requested.The two week timeframe begins when all approvals are received. Willingness to pay the rush fee does not guarantee expedited processing.

  • All payments must be processed using a University account number (C-FOP) or payment by a check made out to the University of Illinois.

Policy Governing Electronic Surveys and Questionnaires
Institutional Level Surveys
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