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We're compiling a group of "aids" and useful links to help as we all learn our way around Banner.
If you have any job aids that might help, let us know!

Links to Web Applications

Cross-functional AidsFormatAuthor
UI Integrate Training MaterialsvariousUI2
Banner "Job Aids" and Web-based TrainingAdobe AcrobatUI2
Banner Organization Code to College-Department Code mapping Original  As of 8/07ExcelDMI - Livingstone
Conversion of UIUC Departments to Mailcodes, addresses, and buildings ExcelMailing center web site
Address types and contents in Banner(02/07)ExcelC. Livingstone
Creating a pass-through query to EDW in Access HTMLKim Nystrom
Race/Ethnicity Changes - 2009-10FormatAuthor
VPAA web site on r/eHTMLR/E team
New race codes with subcategoriesExcelR/E team
Definitions of old and new categoriesWordR/E team
Crosswalk - old codes to newWordR/E team
Overview presentation to Datamasters - Sept 2009PPTJo Menacher & Susan Flanagin
Handout for presentation to Datamasters - Sept 2009DOCJo Menacher & Susan Flanagin
Reporting options for new Categories, presentation to Datamasters - Sept 2009PPTC. Livingstone
Examples of reports, presentation to Datamasters - Sept 2009XLSC. Livingstone
Key Points of R/E changes - presentation to Academic Caucus Oct. 2009DOCC. Livingstone
EDW changes - Datamasters Presentation - 2/12/10PPTM. Pollard
Draft EDW diagram for new R/E structure - 2/12/10PDFM. Pollard
Human Resources AidsFormatAuthor
Commonly used Banner HR & Finance screensPDFUIC OIR
Guidelines for HR reporting selection criteriaWordHR
E-class codes (7/25/07)ExcelDMI, from EDW
Pclass codes for academics (12/13/05) Official Copy on NessieExcelHR, was on DART - updated by DMI
Academic Profnl P-class codes lookup tables (11/24/04) ExcelDMI, from DART
How to distinguish 9/12 jobsEmailHR
How retroactive changes to pay are madeEmailHR
How to identify a person's major apptEmailTyler Fitch
HR Front end reports in DART (4/09) Cheryl Hahn
HR Front End, includes training & Knowledge baseWeb page 
Finance AidsFormatAuthor
Commonly used Banner HR & Finance screensPDFUIC OIR
UFAS report to Eddie report mappingAdobe AcrobatUI2
Explanation of FOAPAL componentsExcelDMI - Livingstone
Merged Financial ReportspdfJack Su
EDW Finance tables -- metadata(Easy to use)AccessECE - Ron Tarvin
Fund codes in Banner(Excel, 5 Mbytes)DMI - Livingstone
Job Aids & Training Materials - Business & FinanceHTML / WordOBFS
Creating new C-FOAPAL elementsHTML / WordOBFS
Student -- Programs, Majors, ConcentrationsFormatAuthor
Concentrations: Major-Based vs. Rule-Based (5/1/07)WordRod Hoewing - AITS
Student: Program code to Curriculum code crosswalk (3/26/04)ExcelMike Kamowski
Program code PrimerWordKeith Marshall
Program code: proposal for second character (3/16/ 09)WordDMI - Livingstone
Program codes (mappings to degree, major, conc names) (4/1/04)ExcelDMI - Livingstone
Urbana Undergraduate Minors (comparison to Provost web site)(2/5/07)ExcelDMI - Livingstone
Urbana proposal for converting degrees in Academic HistoryExcelDMI - Livingstone
Majors, minors, concentrations Updated 9/1/04ExcelDMI - Livingstone
Active Urbana Academic Programs with ConcentrationsCreated 1/18/06ExcelDMI - Livingstone
Handling students with two programs in the Budget calc Word (draft)DMI - Livingstone
NCES definitions of degree levels WordDMI - Livingstone
Self-Supporting and Cost-Recovery Programs (11/11/11) ExcelDMI - Livingstone
Student -- OtherFormatAuthor
Snapshot dates for courses(12/22/09)ExcelDMI - Livingstone
Catalog/Schedule: Crosswalk of coursesWeb pageUIUC Provost Office
Student: Course rubric to Banner Subject crosswalkExcelDMI - Livingstone
Cross-listed course problems, Spring 12Excel DMI - Elizabeth Stern
Cross-listed course problems, Fall 11Excel DMI - Elizabeth Stern
Cross-listed course problems, Summer 11Excel DMI - Elizabeth Stern
Conversion of UI Direct fields to BannerExcelUI2: Pat Tuchman
Unusual ways to organize courses (draft 4/29/04)HTMLDMI - Livingstone
Section instructor list/Course tape programs (5/10/05)HTMLDMI - Livingstone

Here's a great quote that may help:
"Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the little voice
at the end of the day that says...
I'll try again tomorrow."

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