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November 2020

Functionality/Interface changes


Organizational changes

Old Org CodeUnit nameType of change
1B1-KL-KL0-888Veterinary Program in AgricultureMoved to Veterinary Medicine (1B1-LC-LC0-888)
1B1-LM-LM0-468InformaticsMoved to School of Information Sciences (1B1-LP-LP0-468)

Unit name changes

Level Org Code Old name New name
CollegeNEVC for ResearchVC for Research and Innovation
CollegeNPOVCR InstitutesOVCRI Institutes
Department1B1-LP-LP0-468Illinois Informatics InstituteInformatics
Department1D1-NE-NE0-370Vice Chancellor for ResearchOVCRI Admin
Department1D1-NE-NE0-393VCR GeneralOVCRI Support
Department1D1-NP-NP0-327Pgm for Res in the HumanitiesHumanities Research Institute
Department1E1-NJ-NJ0-459Ofc of Dean Of StudentsStudent Success & Engagement
Department1E1-NQ-NQ0-233Auxiliary Shared Tech SvcsStudent Affairs Technology
Department1E1-NQ-NQ0-279Student Services BuildingOfc of Dean Of Students
Department1E1-NV-NV0-930Title IX Disability Coord OffTitle IX Office

New units

Level Org Code Name
Department1B1-KM-KM0-400Disruption and Innovation
Department1B1-KV-KV4-787Translation & Interpreting Studies
Department1B1-KV-KV6-407Lemann Center
Department1A1-NA-NA0-283Strategic Marketing Branding
Department1E1-NJ-NJ0-603Testing Center
Department1E1-NQ-NQ0-321Aux. Health/WB Marketing

Terminated units

Level Org Code Name
Department1B1-LK-LK0-835Environmental Council
Department1B1-LP-LP0-812Center for Digital Inclusion
Department1A1-NH-NH0-645Creative Services
Department1E1-NJ-NJ0-286VC Stu Affairs General Expense

Item Changes


Drilldown changes


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Last updated: September 28, 2020

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