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November 2017

Functionality/Interface changes


Organizational changes


Unit name changes

Level Org Code Old name New name
Department1B1-KT-KT1-564IPM New MediaIPM Delivery
Department1B1-KT-KT1-659IPM Created ContentIPM Content Production
Department1B1-KT-KT1-708IPM EngagementIPM Content Information
Department1B1-KT-KT1-953IPM BroadcastingIPM Content Programming
Department1B2-NB-NB2-504Center for Training and Professional DevelopmentEmployee Development and Learning
Department1B2-NB-NB2-980Faculty /Staff Assistance ProgramFaculty/Staff Assistance Services
Department1B2-NT-NT0-860Distributed ITTechnology Services IT Service Delivery
Department1D1-NE-NE0-681Office of Sponsored ProgramsSponsored Programs Administration Pre-Award
Department1D1-NP-NP0-520Interdisciplinary Health Sciences InitiativeInterdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute

New units

Level Org Code Name
Department1A1-NA-NA0-629Purchasing Office
Department1B1-KP-KP0-337Siebel Center for Design
Department1B1-KV-KV0-563Global Studies Programs and Courses
Department1C1-NN-NN3-421Maintenance New Area Funds-Incrementally Funded
Department1D1-NE-NE0-879Sponsored Programs Administration Post-Award
Department1E1-NQ-NQ0-233Auxiliary Shared Technology Services

Terminated units

Level Org Code Name
College1B1-LJInstitute for Environmental Studies
School/Sub-College1B1-LJ-LJ0Institute for Environmental Studies
Department1A1-NA-NA1-333National Science Olympiad
Department1B1-LJ-LJ0-562Institute for Environmental Studies
Department1B1-LJ-LJ0-689Water Resources Center
Department1Z2-ZZ-ZZ0-116Control - Office of Business and Financial Services - Assistant Vice President for Business and Financial Services

Item Changes

ItemType of changeChange
71007100 has been suppressedReplaced by 7102

Drilldown changes

Tuition and Waiver Information 7102-8904. Removed drilldowns for all lines except Net Tuition Lines 7102, 7106, 7200, 7300, 8900.

See late-breaking changes

Last updated: November 20, 2017

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