Higher Learning Commission Annual Institutional Data Update
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ( 1872 )

OFF CAMPUS ACTIVITIES - OTHER CAMPUSES (do NOT include main/home campus)

Report information current as of the date of submission of this Data Update.

  • Other Campus (do NOT include main/home campus)
    • students can complete at least one degree program
    • campus personnel provide a full range of administrative and student services
    • has an administrative head (e.g. a campus dean or provost)
  • In State - Other Campus is in addition to the main campus and is in the institution's home state
  • Out of State - Other Campus is outside of the institution's home state
  • Out of USA - Other Campus is outside of the 50 United States
    • include Other Campuses located in US territories in this category
    • DO NOT include study abroad in this category
  • Direct questions regarding definitions or instructions for this section to Lil Nakutis at 800-621-7440x113 or lnakutis@hlcommission.org

Previously Reported Other Campuses

  • Previously Reported Other Campuses appear in a list below
    • Update each entry:
      • click "Update Record"
      • enter new headcount numbers if the campus is still active
      • enter a "Closed Date" if the campus has closed
      • click "Save".
    • To delete incorrect Previously Reported Other Campuses, contact Commission staff (Lil Nakutis at 800-621-7440x113 or lnakutis@hlcommission.org.
  • Report new campuses using the form below titled "Report New Other Campuses"
      Student Headcount        
  Location Campus Name, City, State, Country Grad Undergrad    Opened Closed  

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1872)

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